Fun, friendly meetups for everyone interested in science communication.

The London SciComm Socials were established in 2015, as a way for people across London interested in science communication to meet like-minded folk, share their work, gossip and try out ideas.

What started with 90 people crammed into a pub basement has become regular monthly socials, sometimes in bigger venues, sometimes even venturing outside. We organise training sessions and an annual symposium, bringing together a wide range of interesting speakers from the science communication community to speak on topics that affect us.

As the London SciComm Socials have grown we’ve seen more new faces and connections, some of these have even led to successful new projects, which have grown from conversations at our events.

You can follow the London SciComm Socials on Twitter @SciCommSocLDN, and join our Facebook group for event updates and other news from the team.