The London science communication community is made of an incredible range of people, this section recognises them through a dazzling photo collage of faces belonging to people that have contributed to and featured at London SciComm Social activities.

The London SciComm Socials are entirely volunteer run, and we want to thank everyone on this page for their contribution to help bring people together through activities, enthusiasm, time, and sheer charisma!

Click on the images below or scroll down for just some of our volunteers’ bios.

Kimberley Freeman

Kimberley FreemanKimberley Freeman is Director of the Centre for Public Engagement at Queen Mary University of London. She has also recently been announced as the 2019 Wellcome Engagement Fellow.

Kimberley has worked in public engagement and communications for over ten years, having previously been Partnership Communications Manager at the Medical Research Council (MRC), Public Engagement Manager at UCL, and Public Engagement and Publications Co-ordinator at The Royal College of Pathologists.

Kimberley is co-creator of the London SciComm Socials, and mentors public engagement and science communication professionals across London. Kimberley is obsessed by plastic jewellery and vintage sci-fi, and shares her obsessions on

Steve Cross

Dr Steve Cross is a recent Welcome Engagement Fellow and formerly Head of Public Engagement at UCL. Steve works with organisations across Europe to advise on public engagement strategy, and the importance of embedding public engagement support at all levels of an organisation. He has experience working with academic staff and students at all levels, across a wide range of subject areas.

The creator of Bright Club and Science Showoff, and co-creator of the London SciComm Socials, Steve is also a freelance public engagement consultant, trainer, presenter and a comedian.

Mary-Clare Hallsworth

Mary-Clare HallsworthMary-Clare Hallsworth is a freelance public engagement specialist, and until recently was the public engagement lead at Birkbeck, University of London, where she was responsible for public engagement strategy and support across the institution.

Mary-Clare created the London Public Engagement Network (PEN) to connect, often isolated, public engagement professionals across London.


Daniel Taylor

Dan Taylor is the Public Engagement Coordinator for University College London’s Wellcome / EPSRC Centre for Interventional and Surgical Sciences. He joined UCL in 2017 following three years as the Public Engagement Officer at Queen Mary University of London.

In his current role he is responsible for the strategic direction, support provision and evaluation of the Centre’s public engagement and patient involvement programme. He’s a co-organiser of the London Public Engagement Network and has set up a monthly networking and support network for people in roles supporting Public and Patient Involvement.

Rachel Kahn

Rachel KahnRachel Kahn formally worked with the Wellcome Trust and the British Science Association (BSA) as their Festival Communications Officer. She has a background in Medical Sciences and recently completed an MSc in Science Communication at Imperial College London.

She also works as a Freelance Science Communicator, both copywriting and taking Medical workshops into schools around the country.

Hana Ayoob

Hana Ayoob
Hana Ayoob (Photo Credit: Steve Cross)

Hana Ayoob is a freelance creative producer of science events, a performer and an artist. She’s passionate about bringing people together to explore the world around us, getting more diverse voices heard in science and science communication, and talking about or drawing the weirder animals we share our planet with.

Hana cofounded Minorities in STEM, a network which supports and showcases BAME individuals working and studying in STEM fields, co-hosts the podcast Why Aren’t You A Doctor Yet? and is a trustee of the Vagina Museum.

Philippa Richardson

Philippa RichardsonPhilippa is the Public Engagement Programme Coordinator at Imperial College London. She started working in engagement at the Natural History Museum and went on to run creative public engagement events and a festival for UCL.

Philippa helps in co-ordinating parts of the socials and continues on her creative journey as much as possible, sharing snippets on Instagram @missphil1.

Edward Bankes

EddBEdward Thomas Bankes is a PhD researcher working at the Department of Science and Technology Studies, UCL. Edward works in the fields of Science Communication and Public Engagement, researching comedy as a form of science communication, particularly the experiences of scientists performing science on stage.

In his spare time he works as a Young Learners English Language Teacher, because it’s harder to get funding in the social sciences.

Cassie Hugill

Cassie Hugill

Cassie is the Public Engagement Manager for the Wellcome Centre for Human Neuroimaging at UCL. She has been working in Public Engagement for the past six years, previously working as a Team Leader in the Science Museum London and the Science Communications Manager at University of Tasmania, Australia. She has a Masters in Science Communication Outreach through ANU, as part of the Shell Questacon Science Circus.

She manages several engagement programs including the annual UCL World Stroke Day Forum, the Dear World Project and more. She is on the Board for the Community of Engagers at UCL and an active member of a range of public engagement and SciComm networks.