Where it all started… 30th September 2015

On 30th September 2015 we held our first ever London SciComm Social. We took over the basement cocktail bar in The Somers Town Coffee House and really hoped someone would turn up. We were a tad overwhelmed when over 90 people turned up over the course of the evening… it started a series of regular meet-ups and events which we couldn’t have anticipated. Thank you to everyone who came along to chat to us – and to everyone who has continued to support the project.

London SciComm Social Science Celebrity Science Christmas Quiz!

To celebrate our first Christmas as the London SciComm Socials we organised a quiz. We booked the Bloomsbury Studio and sold tickets to create a science themed quiz spectacular.

Novelty festive outfits were encouraged, and we asked people who came to our first two events to set the questions. Questions were set by:

  • Charlotte Pike – Outreach and Impact Leader for UCL Earth Sciences, previously of GeoBus in Scotland.
  • Dominic Galliano – Director of Outreach for SEPNet and winner of Science Showoff’s “Best Physics Man” Award 2015.
  • Mary-Clare Hallsworth – Public Engagement Coordinator at Birkbeck.
  • Kat ArneyScience writer, Naked Scientist and author of “Herding Hemingway’s Cats”.
  • Catie Williams – Six of Google’s top ten results for “Primate Poo Collector”.
  • Ivvet Modinou – Head of Engagement at the British Science Association (BSA).