Looking through the London SciComm blog posts this month I’ve realised a lot of our recent posts are about reflections and thinking, but some of you looking through here might also be crying out for some of the nuts and bolts practical advice!

…well look no further!!

When browsing through the Science Showoff Talent Factory archives I dug out this gem from 2017 about how not to make a podcast, written by Cerys Bradley and Anna Ploszajski (listen to Level Up Human and ‘Rial Talk to hear some great Talent Factory podcasts).

This post is filled with useful tips and tech for anyone totally or partly new to the world of podcasting, from what to buy to how to prep your guests and plan your content.

Take a look at the post by clicking on the post below and let us know your own tips on SciComm podcasting in the comments section.

Read ‘How Not to Make a Podcast’ by Cerys Bradley and Anna Ploszajski on the Talent Factory website


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