A very warm welcome to the London SciComm Socials. We run networking events for anyone practicing, or interested in science communication. We’ve met scientists, teachers, learned society staff, coordinators of public engagement in universities, TV presenters, marketers, writers, performers, comedians, press officers, scicomm students, bloggers, historians of science, museum folk and we want to meet even more people! If you want to chat science communication, our socials are the places to be!

We were set up in 2015, and since then we’ve been meeting regularly, discussing all things science communication and public engagement. Our science communication family is hugely diverse, but we often find we have things in common. Either a desire for science and society to integrate more than they do already, and for people to have fun with and enjoy science, or to challenge academic institutions and influence how and why science communication happens across London and the world. We thought it would be a good idea to bring together professionals from across and around the science communication scene, so we can learn from each other and share our knowledge and expertise, creating new and exciting things which aim to move conversations around science communication forward.

We don’t just want to meet scientists and science communicators – the London SciComm Socials team includes museum professionals, science communicators, event organisers, public engagement experts, civil servants, and science communication students.

We started with pub-based socials after work, for people to share their ideas and stories, but this rapidly grew to include training courses, career development networking events, walks, coffee mornings, new projects, and our annual London SciComm Symposium. We aim to create a friendly, open environment where people can talk openly about their ideas and challenges they may face in their work. The people who come to our socials have a breadth of knowledge spanning all corners of the sector so the socials really are great to share advice and come up with creative, innovative ideas together.

We’ve tried to capture who we are and what we do, but the best way to get involved is to come to one of our events! If you have questions, please get in touch and hopefully we’ll see you soon at one of our events.

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